What’s the difference between low cost and more expensive LED lights?2014-10-13T16:20:59-04:00

Low cost LED lighting is usually an indication of low quality. The LED market is competitive and most LED lighting is designed and manufactured in China. Without strong quality control and design standards these overseas products can be produced and sold at a very low cost while still making a profit. However, for the consumer it’s far better to buy a US designed and engineered LED light that’s been manufactured with high quality standards. The price for these higher quality lights is not that much more and is well worth the difference for both their intensity and lifetime.

How much do LED replacement lights save?2014-10-13T16:17:41-04:00

The answer depends on how you currently use your existing lighting. While 80-90% of the electricity supplied to conventional lighting is converted to heat and wasted, LEDs instead converts 90% to light, so a switch will always provide substantial savings. The amount you save instead depends on the wattage of your current lighting and the number of hours you use those lights each month. ECO Energy Management can provide you with a straight forward energy analysis of your business or home which will determine the cost, savings, and return on investment (ROI). Most businesses find the ROI for replacing old fluorescent and other types of commercial lighting to be 2 years or less.

What does LED mean or stand for?2014-10-13T16:19:21-04:00

LED stands for light emitting diode. When electricity is run through the fixture’s semiconductor it gives off light. Semiconductors are at the heart of most of our electrical devices today, but its application for lighting creates an extremely energy efficient, long lasting, and versatile lighting source

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