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Eco Energy Management

At ECO Energy Management Corporation, we work with commercial, industrial, businesses and home owners throughout the state of Florida and US to provide them with environmentally friendly energy solutions that can reduce their overall building energy costs by at least 20% and up to as much as 40%.

There are few companies that actually know where most of their energy is being used, how much is being wasted, and what they can do about it. The fact is, that up to 40% of the electricity you pay for each month goes to waste. The difficult part is identifying where this waste is occurring, in order to take appropriate action. Eco Energy Management uses our EnergyMaps formula to ensure our clients can save energy, and reduce their carbon footprint through a highly ethical course of action.

We are an energy management company that provides solutions, not products. Our aim is to lower energy consumption, reduce waste, and protect the environment without costing our clients anything out of pocket.
We’re committed to providing clients with a realistic and accurate statement of what we can do. If we can’t save you money with an extremely short ROI, we’ll tell you upfront.

How Do We Help?

We have partnered with major companies such as Dominos, Taco Bell, Tampa General Hospital, University of South Florida, and more, to identify where their energy is being wasted, and implement money saving solutions.

In an initial test across 6 Domino’s locations nationwide, they averaged over 25% reduced energy consumption, and have now retrofitted over 400 different locations. So what can we do for you?

  • 20% Reduced Energy Consumption Guaranteed
  • Increased profitability
  • Create a greener environmental image by reducing your carbon footprint

Every energy management solution we provide is manufactured by us, so we can guarantee that it will outperform everything else on the market in both lifetime, and savings

LED Fluorescent Light Replacements

Implementing an option such as LED fluorescent tube replacements can easily benefit any company with a responsible attitude toward electricity conservation and the environment. Saving energy can actually translate into profits that are equivalent to a turnover increase of up to 20%! And with a typical ROI of less than 2 years, there’s no money out of pocket.

With a typical commercial grade, 20,000 hour fluorescent tube, roughly 80% of the energy put into it is given off as waste heat, while only the remaining 20% is converted into light. On top of this, near the end of the bulb’s life span, it is only providing light at roughly 30% of its initial intensity.

The first step to being provided with total energy saving solutions is with a free energy survey. Once ECO Energy Management has completed the assessment we can create a plan that is tailored to your home or business that would consist of a combination of: energy management, education, energy survey, and energy saving technologies. Would you rather pay the electric company or keep your money?

For service in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, and the rest of Florida or the US, call ECO Energy Management today at (727) 444-4414

LED lighting converts up to 80% of the energy used into light energy with only 20% wasted as heat energy.
LED tubes can be retrofitted into the existing fixtures by simply swapping tubes.
Unlike fluorescent lights, the quality or intensity of light does not degrade over time.
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