What Makes LED Lighting Unique?

While you might consider specific types of bulb better depending on the circumstance and use, LED lighting breaks the rules of traditional illumination. Light emitting diodes differ from your standard lamp in several ways, particularly in technology. Old school types of lighting rely on a particular kind of gas to react with a coil. LEDs [...]

Are LED Lights Dangerous?

A common question a buyer may have when transitioning to light-emitting diodes is “are LED lights dangerous?” The simple answer is no. When comparing light-emitting diodes to other forms of light, it quickly becomes apparent that it is much safer and potentially beneficial to your health. Different types of bulbs produce ultra-violet (UV) radiation. Research [...]

How Energy Management Systems Benefit You

Modern homes and buildings require much more power than those a decade ago. Battery sizes have increased alongside devices and the amount of electronic equipment necessary. Energy management systems help property owners better combat the increase in consumption. Besides an increase in energy usage, power prices have been steadily rising for years with no end [...]

Does LED Lighting Improve Offices and Warehouses?

When dealing with LED lighting, there can be a lot of questions about what separates it from other types of illumination. For starters, it is much more recent in development. Even now, the light emitting diodes are finding new use in homes, devices, and even streetlights. Clearwater residents also buy cheaper consumer bulbs to improve [...]

Why Energy Saving LED Lights Are Worth the Switch

Many people in Tampa are hesitant to make the switch to energy saving LED lights. It’s unfortunate because the reasons to make the switch far outweigh any reason for reservations. LEDs save energy, reduce air conditioning costs, last longer than other bulbs, are safer, and offer better lighting quality. This is true for both residential [...]

What to Know Before Switching to LED Bulbs

More people across the world are switching from conventional lights to LED bulbs. However, some people aren’t convinced. In reality, while making the switch may seem intimidating, in the end, LEDs are the superior lighting choice for commercial and residential use. Clearwater residents preparing to switch should keep the following in mind: You’ll Save Money [...]