If your current Street Lights, Parking Lot and Parking Garage fixtures are in good condition LED retrofit street lights will provide a cost effective and energy efficient way to upgrade to new LED lighting. Taking perfectly good fixtures and throwing them in a landfill is both costly and foolish. The green building principle of reduce, reuse and recycle comes into play here and makes perfect economic sense.

The approach we take with our clients is to first understand what their objectives are in considering the replacement of existing lighting and recommend the solution that best fits their needs. This may involve the complete replacement of fixtures that have reached the end of their useful life. However, many times the existing fixture is able to last another 10 to 20 year or more. So, unless there is a cosmetic consideration the use of LED retrofit street lights, parking lot and parking garage lights is the best solution and saves money.

This LED retrofit plate operation is not difficult. First the old lighting must be removed from the fixture. This is easily accomplished by an electrician or competent maintenance contractor. I most cases there is plenty of room and sufficient air space to accommodate your new LED plate and driver. It is important to use the best LED retrofit plate for your street lights, parking garage and parking lot lights. As with most electric components heat is the enemy. If the product you select is not commercial grade and engineered to high standards the light may fail long before its expected life span. Price alone should not be the sole determining selection factor when purchasing LED retrofit street lights. The cheaply built products cut corners on heat sinks, air circulation and drivers.

Benefits of LED lighting for Parking Lots, Street Lights and Parking Garages

If you are currently using High-Intensity Discharge – HID you are using a very inefficient means of lighting. Included in this category are Mercury-vapor lamps, Metal-halide lamps and Sodium-vapor lamps. Most of the power supplied to these lights is converted to heat and their light output drops dramatically in the first 10,000 of their life. These lights also give off high levels of ultra-violet light which attracts insects. The change to LED Retrofit Street lights, Parking Garages and Parking Lots will save money immediately by lowering energy consumption. HID lack the ability to direct the light source to where it is need. So much of the light is lost inside the fixture. LED retrofit plates allow you to direct the light to exactly where you want it. The quality of light on the intended surface is always improved in the upgrade to LED retrofit street lights. You will also save money on maintenance because LEDs last much longer than HID lamps while maintain their light output. The unexpected benefit of not attracting insects is ideal in many applications where LEDs are in parking garages and parking lots. The color and level of light can be custom tailored to you specific needs. Most businesses and communities want a safe well lit environment at night and our lighting easily simulate daylight in its color and light levels.

ECO Energy Management Is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida the surrounding cities of Clearwater, St Petersburg, Orlando and Sarasota are located in a climate that is very tough on LED lighting. We have engineered our LED retrofit Street lights, parking lot and parking garage light to stand up to extreme heat, power surges and salt air. These products are built to last and are backed up with a full replacement warranty.