Energy Management St PetersburgLED corn lights offer numerous environmental benefits, are affordable, and work well for commercial use. You may not think too much about the lighting in your Clearwater workplace, because after all, isn’t a bulb just a bulb? There are thousands of different kinds of light bulbs and other fixtures available on the market, and selecting which one is the best for you can be difficult. You don’t want to buy the wrong product either, because bulbs can be expensive.

What Are LED Corn Lights?

LED corn lights are a type of lighting fixture that takes advantage of light-emitting diode technology. The difference between these bulbs and other light-emitting diodes is the shape and layout of the diodes. These bulbs resemble a corncob, hence their name. The ‘kernels’ are the diodes, and are laid out in strips going down the base of the bulb. Clearwater businesses use these