Sustainable Energy St Petersburg
Most people in St. Petersburg are aware that sustainable energy is important—even if they aren’t necessarily clear on exactly what it is, where it comes from, and why it is so significant. It isn’t just important for our planet; there are many reasons this type of energy is becoming increasingly popular among both individuals and businesses.

What is Sustainable Energy?

Also known as “renewable energy,” it comes from non-exhaustible resources that improve energy efficiency without creating conflict for future generations. It is a wildly thriving and expanding market, used to meet the electrical demands we currently have without compromising the preservation of our planet.

Sustainable energy is replenish-able, meaning extracting, consuming, generating, and using it doesn’t create any long-term damage. It includes geothermal, solar, wind, and bio energy, as well as hydroelectricity. It is said that the “two pillars” are renewable energy and energy efficiency. Efficiency demands less of the growth of energy, and reduces consumption and use of fossil fuels.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Eco Energy Management, based in St. Petersburg, offers energy efficient solutions to individuals and business owners looking to use sustainable energy methods to improve the environment—the environment in which they live and